We offer a range of services


Tailored to meet your individual business objectives

and goals

Acquisitions, mergers, exit plans

We identify the need, whether it’s buying or selling. Then, we scour our database for potential suitors and make the necessary introductions. Everything is done under NDAs as confidentiality is our priority.



Business finance

Let us come in and review your current arrangements. Many clients are stuck on old terms or the facilities just don’t suit the business anymore. It’s our job to create some healthy competition by bringing in 2-3 lenders and thus getting you the best deal. Whether it’s price, concentration, non-funding, we are likely to be able to improve on your current deal.



Insurance review

Similar to funding, we have seen many clients renewing year on year without getting competitive quotes. We have built relationships over 20 years in recruitment and know the best people to get the best deals.



Internal processes

Does your current setup work as well as it could? Are you as efficient as you could be from a pay and bill point-of-view? We conduct a free of charge audit to ensure that your costs, whether in-house or outsourced, are at market rate. We also advise on structure to enable future growth and wherever possible, use technology to reduce costs.



Legal Services

We know the best recruitment specialists. Let us introduce you to people who are at the top of their game and for a competitive price.